What are the four branches of Chinese Medicine?

Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Tui Na and Medical Qi Gong

As an Acupuncture Physician I have been asked often how Acupuncture can help us and what exactly does it treat.
I realized that even though Acupuncture has been in use for 5000 years, people still don’t know much about this kind of medicine.
l would like to introduce you the main components of Chinese Medicine including some basic information on each one of them.

There are four main branches to Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into the skin at specific points to affect the flow of energy.
By inserting the needles into the specific points, the Acupuncture Physician manipulates the patient’s energy to achieve an overall physical balance.

Herbal Therapy – Herbal formulas have been used successfully to treat a variety of illnesses for over 5000 years.
The herbs used in Chinese Medicine are derived from plants, animals, and mineral substances.
Herbs are used for tonifying, purging, dispersing, warming, cooling, nourishing the yin and yang energies in the body, and clearing heat, as well as moving Qi (the life force energy), Blood, Phlegm, and Fluids within the body.
They cause the Qi in the body to either ascend or descend, affecting the upper or lower parts of the body.
Chinese herbs cure energetically by moving Qi in the body meridians (that are the energy channels).
Different herbs enter different channels and affect different internal organs.

Chinese Massage Therapy (Tui na) – is a generic term used for all tissue manipulation techniques currently used in China.
Tui na works with the energy system in the body (Qi), which flows through the channels. 
By stimulating the energy in the body, practitioners help bring the patient’s body back into balance.
The Chinese believe that Tui na regulates the nervous system so that Qi flows properly, boosts the immune system of the body, and flushes metabolic waste out of the body.

Medical Qigong Therapy – is the oldest of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and provides the energetic foundation from which acupuncture, herbal healing, and Chinese massage oriented.
MQG incorporates posture, movement, breathing, meditation, creative visualization, and spiritual intent to improve health, personal power, and control over one’s own life.
Medical Qigong Therapy offers patients a safe and effective way to rid themselves of toxic pathogens and years of painful emotions that otherwise, can cause mental and physical illness.

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