What can your pulse tell us?

Part of being an acupuncturist involves reading pulses.

How and why the Chinese started to take pulse diagnosis to evaluate a person’s state of health is not exactly known.
Its use in Chinese Medicine goes back at least a couple of thousands of years.
The skill is completely different, and totally foreign to conventional medicine.

In Chinese system the pulse is read in three positions and at two depths at the radial artery, just
above the wrist.
The acupuncture physician uses his or her index, middle and ring finger tips, placed very lightly side-by-side along the course of the artery to feel the superficial reading.
Then the fingertip is pressed just a slightly bit deeper to get a second reading called the deeper reading.
In total there are six positions: three on the right wrist and three on the left wrist.
These pulses reflect the state of energy in the body and mind, and gather information about the 12 energy channels and organ systems in the body.
Pulse-reading is an aspect of the medicine that, for most, requires many years (decades, lifetimes) of practice in order to master. It requires great energetic sensitivity — a capacity to “listen” very deeply.
It is an art-form as much as it is a science.
There are stories of great physicians spending hours reading a single pulse – and from the information gathered, knowing things about the patient’s life (past, present & future) in such a comprehensive and detailed way as to seem truly miraculous.

Reading the pulses is done by gentle palpation and is done with great concentration.
Each pulse is read separately but all form a cohesive harmonious picture of the whole person.
Each pulse has a sister, which is why two are read in the same position though at a different pressure.
The pulses for the Liver and Gall Bladder, for instance, are read on the left hand.
They are both read with the middle finger at the radial artery area of the wrist.
Both are in the same location, however the deeper pulse is in the Liver.
The pulse for the heart and small intestines are read on the left hand by the index finger and are more distal.
Superficial pressure finds the small intestine meridian while deeper palpation finds the heart pulse.
In a perfectly healthy person all the pulses would present a smooth and balanced wave movement connected to all positions and depths, and it should be presented during the entire year.
While the seasonal energy will have some influence in the pulses, emotions have much stronger and immediate influence.
An Acupuncture Detox treatment can help bringing your pulses to the first stage of their balance.
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