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Dr. Hila Davidson

May your gift continue to heal our world.

I live in Florida with my wife and our 3 kids yet I run my advertising business in New York, so you can only imagine the amount of stress I am usually in….

For years I have been trying to keep myself more relaxed and balanced so I can cope and enjoy all the things that really matter in my life.
Hila is one of these unique human beings you meet only once in your life.
Her healing energy, experience and knowledge put me back in balance right from the first session!!!!
Thank you Hila, I am a better father, a better business man, and a better man thanks to you!

Nissim Dery, Davie, FL.

I could not have done it without her!

I have been under Dr. Davidson’s care for a couple of years now.
She has helped me through some major issues regarding my lungs, sinuses, and severe allergies! I had severe breathing issues and no sense of smell as a result of my disease.
With Dr. Davidson’s care, I was able to train for an compete in a 30-Mile Bike Race (DCC IV) that benefits Cancer Research!

Liron, Sunrise, FL

Thank you for your kindness and honesty.

Hila is very knowledgeable and I notice results every time I see her.
Acupuncture, medical chi gong and herbs is an amazing combination that makes me feel so much better!

Diana, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Passion to help and heal others

As a firefighter/paramedic I deal with sleepless nights, stressful situations and exposure to many illnesses from the common cold or flu to who knows what.
Since receiving acupuncture I have more energy, feel less stressed and don’t get sick near as often as before I began seeing Hila.
She is very caring, attentive and has helped me tremendously. Recently, my gynecologist told me a growth was found on my ovary and may be cancer. The oncologist I saw shortly after this news confirmed the finding it looks like cancer and would like to surgically remove the ovary.
After a few treatments of acupuncture with Hila the doctor could not find any signs of the growth.
Thank you, Hila for your compassion, genuine concern and most of all your passion to help and heal others with your gentle caring touch.

H.J, Hallandale, FL

She is a gifted healer.

My name is Tzipora Nurieli and I have been treated by Hila Davidson for the past couple of years. When I came to her I was in a really bad shape both emotionally and physically. Her knowledge, commitment and dedication have transformed me and my life. She is a gifted healer who is gentle and loving, yet professional and direct. Hila investigates and finds the connection between the physical and the emotional, and brings forth an amazing feeling of well being and happiness to her patient’s life. Being in the field of healing myself, I find myself singing her praise to all of my own patients who always come back with gratitude after being treated by her.

Tzipora Nurieli, Pembroke, FL.

No more pain or bloating !

I have had Colitis since I remember myself.
I already convinced myself that I had to learn how to live with it.
But then I met Dr. Hila Davidson and she proved me that Colitis can be treated with natural supplements that targeting this issue.
After only 2 months I felt a huge difference and today I can eat many more foods that I had been avoided for years.

Darleen Moore, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have much more energy.

For many years I had been suffering from bad arthritis, body pain and severe inflammation. Doctors said I also had Fibromyalgia.
For years I suffered from chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.
My digestion was terrible, everything I ate made me bloated and tired.
It took me a long time to fall asleep at night and in the morning I wasn’t able to get up before 10am.
I was constantly constipated and extremely weak.
When I first came to see Dr. Davidson two years ago I remember that she had to help me walk to the treatment room, and it took me few minutes to manage myself on the treatment table, all through terrible pain.
Dr. Davidson treated me patiently with acupuncture and nutritional supplements and a year later I became a new person.
Today I feel good with my digestion, no more body pain, I have much more energy throughout the day and I can walk fast without any help or support.

Liza Megan, Hallandale, FL.

I am very happy with these results.

For the past few years I had bad joint pain, mainly in my legs. I took cortisone shots every 6 months but nothing really helped.
Dr.Hila treated me with acupuncture and nutritional supplements and within 6 months I saw a great improvement with my health and well being.
I don’t feel the pain in my legs any longer, my digestion improved a lot, and my energy is so much higher.

Martha Jacobs, Plantation, FL

I could not believe the fast results!!

I never believed in Acupuncture until started getting treated by Hila Davidson a year ago. Her treatments proved me wrong, and I could not believe the fast results!! Today, a year later, my immune system is stronger than it used to be, I have much more energy, am more relaxed, and with an overall feeling of happiness. These days I work with Dr. Hila Davidson on quitting smoking.
I have been smoking for many years trying quitting unsuccessfully too many times. I find Hila’s Quitting Smoking Program very helpful, and for the first time ever I feel that I can make it.

Gabe Allen, Davie, FL.

Persistence and dedication

I started seeing Hila six months ago because of terrible reflux and gastritis that would not go away.
With her patience and knowledge of acupuncture and herbal medicine she has helped me feel better allowing me to start eating normally once again.


She has changed my life for the better.

I began seeing Dr. Hila Davidson when I was experiencing signs of early menopause. Everyone told me I’d have to start on hormones to deal with the hot flashes, but through a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs with Dr. Davidson I have been able to mitigate the symptoms and at times even eliminate them–no more hot flashes!!!
I want to thank Hila for her skill, her professionalism and her passion for healing.

Rabbi Efrat, Zarren-Zohar

Most helpful for me

Hila has been unfailing kind and sensitive in all her work with me. Her intuitive acupuncture and Qigong treatments have been most helpful for me for the past two years.

Susanne Phelps

I couldn’t believe how good I felt after my first treatment

I came to see Dr. Hila Davidson after My first chemotherapy treatment. I was very fatigued and nauseous and was desperate for help.
A friend recommended Dr. Hila and I started my acupuncture treatments with her.
I couldn’t believe how good I felt after my first treatment.
Honestly, I was a little sceptic about how much acupuncture could help me feeling better in that situation….
I took 2 treatments a week for one month before reducing it to 1 treatment per week.
My nausea was completely gone, so were my body pains and crazy hot flashes that were caused by the chemotherapy.
My mood got so much better and so was my energy.
I appreciate your knowledge and dedication to make me feel so much better.

Aya Heller, North Miami Beach, FL.

It works !!

A severe lower back pain brought me to see Dr. Davidson.
I could hardly walk when I came for my first acupuncture treatment.
It took only 3 treatments to go back to normal.
This is my recommendation to whoever needs a lower back treatment.

Helena Artes, Miami, FL

Incredible experience.

Dr. Hila is amazing, takes her time to explain and is extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Mapal Levy, Miami Beach

Coming home to your self.

I started acupuncture a few months ago with Dr. Davidson, and I can confidently say today that the peace and joy I am feeling from my treatments is unparalleled. I came to her during a time of big change in my life where I wanted help with my emotional and spiritual journey and heeling. With each treatment I have started to feel more and more confident, able, at ease, and at peace. She is a caring practitioner that really listens to you. I feel very heard and seeing during each and every session. She truly tailors each treatment to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in such a special way. I am in owe of her work, and I feel blessed to know her and the beauty of acupuncture !

As Dr. Davidson says, It truly does feel like acupuncture helps propel your journey of “coming home to your self”.

Tati, NMB, FL

A recent thermogram has shown no cancer.

Dr. Hila Davidson was recommended to me after I received a diagnosis of breast cancer. The combination of Medical Qi Gong, herbal supplementation and acupuncture has been miraculous. A recent thermogram has shown no cancer. Thank you, Hila for your wonderful support!

Barbara C

Extremely recommended!

Seven weeks ago I came to Dr. Hila Davidson due to crucial pain in my lower back and hip.
I suffered from this condition for close to 3 years, trying many kinds of different treatments, when nothing really helped. It got to a point that I couldn’t sit, stand or walk for more than a short time.
Since the pain also affected my sleep I used to be very tired throughout the day.
The pain and fatigue caused me bad nausea and lack of appetite and soon I lost 25 pounds of my weight, which was not so high to begin with.
Today, only 7 weeks from the day I started treatment with Dr. Davidson, it is unbelievable how much better I already feel: the pain in my hip and lower back subsided dramatically and now I can sit, stand, walk and even sleep much better and for a long time.
My energy is finally back and so are my appetite and my good mood.


I am very grateful for her

I have been treated by Hila for the past 3 years and she has been a consistently intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, and professional healer. My health and strength have been continuously improving with each treatment both physically and spiritually. She is very skilled at combining all of her healing tools as needed in each treatment. I am very grateful for her treatments and my recovery from mercury poisoning.

G.G. , Hallandale, FL.

We saw a big shift.

I came to see Dr. Hila Davidson with my daughter who had very bad acne.
For more than a year we tried every treatment possible but nothing really helped.
Dr. Davidson scanned my daughter and found the causes for the infection.
We saw a big shift after only 3 weeks into the treatment.

Lia Robin, Davie, FL.

I feel a new person.

Since I was a baby I had always been getting sick.
Eczemas, repeated Sinus infection, Gall bladder infections, Mano for a year, Asthma since childhood, adrenal fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, you name it… all my life I took so much antibiotics that affected my digestion and I was always very bloated and extremely constipated.
I also used to get terrible night sweats very often. All these issues and I am only 25 y/o !!
I have to say that in only two months of treatment by Dr. Hila Davidson my health improved dramatically.
Everything has changed for the better to the point that I feel a new person.

Monica Haber, New York, NY

Highly Recommended !!

Every few months I used to get UTI.
That situation was going on for years and years, when every time I was prescribed with antibiotic.
It has been a full year now of no Urinary Tract Infections, and all this thanks to the amazing treatment of Dr. Hila Davidson.

Sara Stern, Hallandale, FL

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