What is an Energetic Block?

When energy is not sent from one meridian to the next.

When one of our internal organs (or more) gets weak, the energy will get stuck in this specific meridian and will not be sent by it to the next meridian in the cycle.
Holding on to the energy causes too much pressure in this meridian that now weakens the next organ that does not get enough energy to do its job properly.
Try to imagine a big dam that holds the water on one side, letting only few drops at a time to move over to the other side.
The water on one side will keep accumulating, causing a tremendous pressure, while the other side will remain dry and empty.
This is exactly what happens in the meridian if blocked. Let me give you an example of a very common block that people experience:
Liver – Lung Block:
In this block the Liver holds the energy instead of sending it to the Lungs.
This causes an imbalance between the Wood element meridian, the Liver, and the Metal element meridian, the Lungs.
What does a person with this kind of a block feel like?

On a Physical Level – There will be tightness around the rib cage area, sometimes even pain and pressure at the liver.
Shortness of breath or shallow breathing since the Lungs do not get enough energy to work properly.
There will be deep sighing, and stretching arms to open up the rib cage and let more air in.

On the Emotional Level – Since the Liver stores anger and frustration and the Lungs store grief, the person may feel these emotions rising. They may feel edgy, impatient, angry, jealous, and sad to the point of crying.
There also might be a sense of longing and emptiness that is deeper than the anger or frustration.

On the Mind Level – A difficulty to make life plans and execute them might be evident.
The Liver is in charge of planning our lives while the Gall Bladder is in charge of the decision making.
Since the Liver and Gall Bladder are paired organs they work together and assist each other on a daily basis.
When one of them is out of balance it may affect the functionality of the other.

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