What is the connection between Breast Cancer and Emotions?

The most powerful healing comes from inside.

Traditional Chinese Medicine places equal importance on the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It views them as being part of one complete circle rather than loosely connected pieces to be treated individually.

When most of us think about taking care of ourselves, we usually focus exclusively on the health of our bodies.
Therefore, the steps we take to stay healthy tend to come from the outside, for example, eating certain foods or doing a certain exercise routine.
Yet the most powerful healing comes from the inside.
Our emotions and how we deal with them have just as much effect on our health as the foods we eat and the exercises we practice.
In Breast Cancer for example, many researches prove that the root cause of breast cancer is chronic negative emotions.
Dealing with emotions in a healthy way might be essential for preventing this type of cancer from occurring.
Chinese Medicine views breast cancer as a negative energy pattern that requires certain conditions in the body to take root.
When we are angry or under stress our body’s energy takes on a specific frenetic frequency, one that is hospitable to cancer and other diseases.

By letting go of negative emotions, we can change our body’s energy frequency. Doing this makes it impossible for breast cancer to ever take root. In this sense, taking care of our emotional health is the most effective form of breast-cancer prevention.

Letting Go

Having balanced emotions doesn’t mean never being angry or sad. It is natural to feel angry and sad. However, if we get stuck in these emotions, they can take their toll on our health.

So how do we let go of negative emotions? It is something easier said than done, but it is not impossible to do. We can start by trying to see things that upset us from a different angle. Everything happens for a reason.
There is always a positive aspect to the events we perceive as negative. If something is bothering us, we should try to identify what the positive outcomes are. We have to change our outlook, and the things that used to bother us will bother us less. Soon they won’t bother us at all.

Sometimes, the anger and sadness that sap our energy are very deep-seated.
We may not even be aware they are there at all. For example, few of us would consider ourselves angry or sad people, yet many of us waste our energy dwelling on things that upset us long ago.
The event may have happened in the past, yet we spend our precious energy reacting to them in the present.
Instead of letting go of these experiences, we hold on.
Every now and then, we take them out and look at them, then put them away, saving them for another day.
Whenever we start thinking about the past let’s remember that we don’t need it anymore.
There are other parts of our lives that are more deserving of our energy and attention, right here, right now.

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