The Qi – Life Force energy

The Qi (Life Force energy) in our body runs within energy vessels called Meridians.

Unlike the other systems our body holds, for instance, the nerve system, the digestive system or blood vessels, the energy vessels are invisible.
They are there doing their job, just unseen.

There are a total of 20 meridians running throughout our body from head to toe, cover our limbs, torso, neck, and head.
Let’s elaborate here on the main energetic cycle which involves 12 meridians only.
Each one of these 12 meridians is connected to a specific internal organ in the body.
These meridians are: Heart; Small Intestine; Urinary Bladder; Kidney; Heart Protector; Triple Heater; Gall Bladder; Liver; Lung; Large Intestine; Stomach, and Spleen. This is also the order the meridians are connected to each other.
Each meridian sends the energy to the next one and keeps the cycle flowing smoothly.

As long as the energy in this cycle flows nice and smoothly the individual will feel healthy, happy, and energetic.
If this flow gets disturbed from some reason, we may see physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms arise, and it will be necessary to check for energetic blocks.

An energetic block occurs when one of the 12 organs (or more) gets weak. The weak organ holds on to the energy instead of sending it to the next organ in the cycle.
Holding on to the energy causes too much pressure in its own meridian that now weakens the next organ that does not get enough energy to do its job properly.

It is highly important to keep a smooth and balanced flow of energy in the body.
Any prolonged imbalance may end up manifesting as some kind of an illness.
Energetic blocks can be resolved in one acupuncture treatment in most cases.

There is a chance of recurrence of the same block if it is rooted in a deep emotional pain.
In most cases when the emotional pain is treated and resolved the block is resolved too.
Other ways that may help maintaining the smooth flow of Qi (energy) in the body is exercising, getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and reducing as much stress as possible from your life.

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