Seven emotions are usually considered in Chinese Medicine.

Each of them has a particular effect on the Qi (the life force energy) and on certain internal organs:

Anger- includes several other allied emotional states such as resentment, repressed anger, irritability, frustration, rage, indignation, animosity or bitterness.
Any of these emotional states can affect the Liver if they persist for a long time.
They may cause stagnation in the Liver energy or excess heat in the Liver.

Physical Symptoms – Since Anger makes Qi rising, symptoms will manifest in head and neck as headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, red blotches on the front part of the neck, a red face, thirst, a red tongue, and a bitter taste in mouth.
Someone who is angry may not always display these symptoms, and may appear subdued, depressed and pale.

Invading the neighboring organ – since Liver is also a part of the digestive system its anger or stagnant Qi may invade into the Stomach and Spleen that are the closest neighbors. This act will affect the digestive system, and we may see symptoms such as bloated stomach, belching, poor digestion and heartburn.

Joy or Lack of Joy – Joy can become a cause of a disease when it is excessive.
This leads to excessive stimulation of the Heart and, in time, can lead to Heart Fire, which is excess heat in the heart.
Lack of Joy makes the Heart cramped and agitated, Qi cannot circulate freely, what causes accumulation of heat in this
organ from a different aspect.

Physical Signs – Insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, scatter, excessive excitement.

Sadness or Grief – weaken the Lungs energy and may manifest in a variety of symptoms such as breathlessness, tiredness, depression or crying.
Prolonged sadness and grief will eventually penetrate the Heart.

Worry and Pensiveness – Excessive thinking, mental work or studying weaken the Spleen and cause tiredness, loss of appetite and loose stools. Worry depletes and knots both Spleen and Lungs, leading to anxiety, breathlessness and stiffness of shoulders and neck.
Chronic Worry posture will look like raised or arched shoulders, stiff neck with shallow breathing.

Fear – depletes the Kidneys energy and makes Qi descend.
Fear has a different effect in children and in adults: In children- it makes Qi descend causing nocturnal enuresis.
In Adults – fear and chronic anxiety will cause heat in the face, night sweating, palpitations, and dry mouth and throat.

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