What do you know about scars?

Scars can affect our nervous system.

A scar on the surface of your body can interfere with the normal regulation of the body’s Autonomic Nervous System.
This interference prevents the body from healing.
It can be the “missing piece” that, when handled, results in miraculous symptomatic relief. Therefore, scars are considered one of the key stressors. Let’s take a closer look.

The ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) has two regulators, sympathetic and parasympathetic. You may have heard the phrases “fight or flight” and “relaxation response”.
The first of these refers to the sympathetic regulator while the second refers to the parasympathetic regulator.

The sympathetic regulator consists of a dense network of nerve fibers that are deployed over your entire body – like a silk stocking. When you cut your skin, you damage this stocking.
When the skin heals, the nerve fibers simply do not knit together exactly the way they were before.
The result is a potential for
intermittent disruption in your nervous system, a disruption that can interfere with the normal regulation of your autonomic nervous system.
The scar treatment is designed to restore the flow of blood, nerves, and body fluid through the scar tissue, and re-establish normal regulation.
Some people notice the scar tissue disappearing over time. This goes for old, as well as new scars. In many instances, chronic pain and other symptoms disappear with the use of these techniques.

Scars are just as important as the other barriers to healing.
They must be actively treated in order to restore proper regulation – the key to getting well.

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