What is the difference between Western and Chinese medicine?

The main difference between Western Medicine and Oriental Medicine:

Chinese Medicine is thought of as preventive medicine that is the creation and maintenance of health.
This medicine sees the individual as a body- mind-spirit system, as opposed to Western Medicine that regards each of these elements as separate.

The main difference between Western Medicine and Oriental Medicine is the basic theory of the Chinese that there is a Life Force energy, called Qi (pronounced Chi), and that this Life Force flows within us in a harmonious, balanced way.
This harmony and balance is Health. If the Life Force is not flowing properly, then there is disharmony and imbalance.
This imbalance is Illness.

We know we are ill via symptoms that act as signal of distress that tells us that something is wrong.
The symptoms might appear as migraines, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, depression, or any other complaint.
The western medicine system will try to eliminate painful symptoms mainly by giving out pain killers first.
However, from the Chinese Medicine point of view these symptoms point out that there is a trouble somewhere in the flow of the Qi in the body, and eliminating the symptoms without treating the cause of the disease would be like covering up the hazard lights in your car that indicate trouble.

There are few diagnostic tools in Chinese Medicine to assess the condition of the Qi in the body and to find the root of the illness.
These tools take into consideration everything about a person: Their medical history, childhood history, traumas, emotional and physical state, energy level, tongue picture, and pulse diagnosis.
The examination gathers all possible information and uses it as a basis for diagnosis.

Chinese Medicine enables the smooth flow of Qi in the channels, so that the body-mind-spirit can then heal itself.
It treats the Person not the Disease.

Today Western Medicine has phenomenal tools to make a correct physical diagnosis for the patient.
The optimal way of treatment will be to integrate both Western and Eastern tools to achieve the highest potential of a treatment.
For example, patients who get chemotherapy can benefit a lot from getting acupuncture and/or Qigong treatments on a regular basis and from taking Chinese herbs along with their chemo.
This may reduce the side effects of the chemo, improve digestion, reduce heat and dryness, reduce pain, dramatically improve the energy level of the individual, and help them stay more positive, keeping their spirit higher.
We all know that any illness one faces, staying positive, mentally and spiritually, will positively affect the process of healing.

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