The Twelve Major Meridians

The human body is made up of bones, flesh, nerves, and blood vessels, which can only function in the presence of vital energy.

Without this energy the body cannot function.
Like electricity, vital energy is not visible to the human eye.
This vital energy enables the body to function properly.
When the human body is alive, vital energy flows freely through the energy pathways.
The blood will be circulating through the blood vessels and distributing appropriate nutrients to various parts of the body.
Trained and experienced Chinese Medical doctors are able to trace each meridian, point by point, and make the appropriate evaluation of the energetic condition of a person (Body, Mind, and Spirit).

The blood helps to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide by cleaning up the impurities of the body.
When blood receives proper nutrients, the body and bones grow, and the flesh and nerves can protect the body.
All body parts will work as a unit, like an efficient factory with all functions taking place as scheduled.
When vital energy stops flowing through the energy pathways, the human machine ceases to function and the person is pronounced dead.
Acupuncture meridians are located throughout the body. There are many specific acupuncture points along these meridians.
Most of them connect or inter-link with branches from other meridians.

An energy molecule takes 24 hours to travel through the body, completing its circulation through all 12 major meridians, their branches and sub-branches.
It takes two hours to travel through the meridian.
According to Oriental Medicine principles, the Chi (vital energy) follows the flow of the meridian.
The flow begins at the lung meridian and takes two hours to complete its journey. Each meridian is very strong during its meridian time, including the organ that is connected to this specific meridian.
For example, if the Stomach and its meridian are at their highest level of energy between 7am – 9am, then this is the time for best digestion (breakfast time).
The meridian is at its strongest at the beginning of its meridian time and less effective near the end.
The Stomach meridian will be at its lowest level of energy at 7pm – 9pm, when good digestion cannot take place.
This is the reason why it is Not recommended to have a big meal for dinner.
A small and light meal will be much healthier at this time of the day.

Some of the small branches of the major meridians pass through the gum and dental area.
When a particular tooth gives you discomfort, you should test the related major meridian and organ.
Strengthening that particular meridian may save you an unnecessary trip to the dentist.
(Say Goodbye to Illness/ Dr.Numbudripad)

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