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The Power Within accepts all Health Insurances that cover Acupuncture Treatments or Office Visits. Please check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered. For immediate assistance please fill out the form on the Contact page and send it to us. You can also contact us by phone anytime at 786-768-1999.

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Dr. Hila Davidson Chinese medicine sees the human body as a holistic organism that has a close relationship with nature and with its external surroundings. It teaches that illnesses result from a disharmony between man and the universe. This disharmony can create energetic blocks in the human body that with time will cause blockages in energy flow, depletion, and weakness, that might make the individual susceptible to illness.Since the individual is an organic whole it operates not on a physical level only, but on three different levels: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Energetic imbalances start usually in the Spirit level. If ignored they will penetrate to the mind level, and if not yet been treated we will see its manifestation in the physical body in a form of a disease.

The secret of maintaining a long term well being is to keep the energetic balance in these three levels of Body, Mind, and Spirit.



The Five Element Acupuncture is based on nature. The Chinese observed the cycles of nature as they are reflected in the seasons, in the rhythm of day and night and in the movement of all living things through birth, growth, decline and death. Human beings, as part of nature, are governed by the same laws.

The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element represents a season in nature's cycle and a phase of a person's energy.

The meridians associated with each element are likened to an official of a kingdom. Each official must do its job in order for the kingdom to prosper. Likewise in each person the various aspects of the individual's energy must function well for them to enjoy good health. When one official becomes unable to do its job, other officials must step in to fulfill those functions.

The Five Element Acupuncture seeks to strengthen and support the individual's energy so that all officials in the kingdom function well.


The inter-relationship of the five elements is important. Each element affects and is affected by all the others. In a person, the dynamic among the elements are observed in order to understand how best to treat a patient with acupuncture.

The Chinese Medicine views each individual uniquely therefore each treatment will be tailored uniquely for the patient.

My goal is to assist patients obtaining this basic energetic balance, then to strengthen and maintain it to avoid any potential illnesses in the future.
This process will create a higher level of general energy in the Body, Mind, and Spirit, and will assist the individual in making a positive transformation to achieve their highest potential in life.